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Oct 16,2020

We are taking an extra step here at S&M High Fidelity Inc. One that actually does something... We will be instituting  bi weekly UV sanitizing  of all common areas in the store starting this weekend! And will continue as long as this nonsense is with us.

Oct 15,2020

The Triangle Magellan Quator powered by the Auris 150 monoblocs no playing in the main room!

September 29,2020

We are closed this long weekend! We will be back fatter and slower Tuesday! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

September 29,2020

The best value in a Audiophile streamer/network player with the dumbest name? Maybe... Say "Hi" to the Volumio Primo!!!

Now taking orders! Arrival early November.

September 29,2020


The Atoll IN300 Signature hand made in France

– converter: AK4490: S/N: 120 dB dynamic 120dB.
– DSD: 2.8MHz and 5,6MHz.
– PCM from 16 bits to 32bits up to 384 kHz on USB (asynchronous).
– Up to 24Bits 192kHz on optical and coaxial.
– USB converter XMOS: XUF208 with specific program for PCM and DSD specially developed for ATOLL.

Analog stages: Mundorf MKP in a armored shell.
Digital stages: Vishay MKP high sound quality.

Double mono with 2x440VA toroidal transformers.
Specific low consumption supply (5VA) for display and logic circuits.
Capacitors: 12x6800uF low ESR high quality designed specifically for ATOLL.
Soft starter stage to avoid current peek.
Internal Supply High End cable (wired according to AC recommendation).

2 volume attenuators: 1 per channel.
High quality Silver Mica capacitors for soft low pass filter (very fast reaction on pulse).
Symmetrical bipolar stages (discrete components).

6 MOS FET per channel: 150Wrms/8Ohm,  260Wrms/4Ohm.
Very low feed global back stages that brings dynamic and natural sound.
Very low distortion due to a specific control stage of the driver transistors.

High quality tellurium copper speakers terminals (ATOLL exclusive design).
High End Speaker cable link.
Gold plated RCA inputs.

September 27,2020

We are pleased to announce the first pair of Audiovector spectacular R8's are going to a new home. With more of the R series to be coming to our sound rooms in the next month....WE currently have the "QR" series for audition... You really should stop by!

September 22,2020

Well it's Autumn 2020...

 After two seasons of this %!^^@#%$ Covid maybe this one could be a little better, maybe... We are here to help! With ways to just lose yourself in the music! With BIG discounts along the way in store on new and used High Fidelity gear!!! 

September 12,2020

Making room for the new Davis Loudspeakers coming from France as we speak! We are selling off discontinued models at a fraction of retail! Supplies limited to in stock floor items!!!

August 12,2020


we will be closed Wednesday August 19,2020. We will reopen THursday!

August 12,2020


If  you wonder why we are proud Straight Wire dealer read the  article. We believe it is the best cable on the market and it woun't cost you a second mortage to find out!

August 8,2020

THE HANA UMAMI top of the line has just been announced! We are currently taking pre orders...

August 07,2020

As a part of our DEMO CLEARANCE a pair o TOTL Aesthetix Atlas Eclipse  300 w hybrid mono-blocks. The MSRP  on these are $37,800 a pair. We are offering them for a price so low we can not print it! Call for details 780 244-4434. This offer ends on the 13th of August. So act fast!!!

August 04,2020

The Last two (well three) OKKI NOKKI RCM's are here...I may be November(?!) before we see the new one so we have the tried and true available NOW!!!

July 28,2020

THAT'S RIGHT it's the end of July in the worst year  most of us have experienced EVER!!!

So, we are, until AUGUST 1st offering up to 50% off the entire stores inventory... DON't miss this one! Because when it's gone it's gone!!!

July 15,2020

The Analog demo sale is on! Up to 40% off our demo turntables and phonostages!!! 

June 24,2020


All Triangle Esprit Store demo's Now 33% off!

While they last!!!!

June 16,2020


Yup, due to popular demand, we are back to regular hours!!! Tuesday to Friday 10 am to 6 pm. And Saturday 10 am to 5 pm! Stop by and see some of the new gear!

June 06,2020

Lest we forget! 76 years ago our grand parents had their generations "defining moment" Landing in Nazi occupied France. So keep that in mind during these "tough times".

June 01,2020


Possibly the most flexable and user friendly digital based high end audio avaliable and it's here at S&M High Fidelity Inc.

May 28, 2020

This what was in the box! The Poison 88 Loudspeaker 

May 14, 2020

We are open... More or less... We are running reduced hours Wednesday to Saturday till further notice. Weask you call or email for an appointment or just to see if your 6' is avaliable...

May 18, 2020

The Mighty Hanss T60 is running and ready to impress

May 09, 2020

The first Plinius RA150 finds a home!

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