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For sale something completely different, a very rare pair of Kenwood L-09M mono-blocks. Built for only two years less than a 1000 pairs where constructed these 300 wpc power houses bear a striking sonic similarity to early Accuphase which had sprung from the ruins of Kenwood-Trio proper, before they're long painful decline into crap. These rank among the best of the era and are in perfect unmolested stock working order. Over engineered would be an understatement in describing these.Double the power of the far more common L-07M, this pair plays as they should and the only fault is a stuck power meter(SEE PICTURE) on one of the amps but it does not effect the operation or sound of the amp. Hard to find new, harder now. The Kenwood L-09M is a technical tour de force. It has dual transformers for a single channel! One drives the positive rail and the other the negative rail. Both use the same Sanken output transistors. The L-09M is my favorite solid state vintage amp.
Price includes insured shipping. Cash and EMT are your options. Cheers, MIke

Kenwood L-09M Mono-block DC direct amplifiers

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